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There are overnight pens available for cattle that are brought in early.

     Call Ron to discuss your consignments or for questions on your livestock marketability.

Ron's comments on this week's market:



We had an average size sale today.  Across all classes everything was about $1-$2 higher.  There seemed to be just a bit more enthusiasm, but we don't want to bank on that too much or it could turn on us tomorrow... but it is encouraging.   There was active participation with the buyers, and a new buyer on board from Iowa.

Today's market.....

Beef cattle: $0.90 - $0.95

2-way cattle 1000lb - 1200lb :  $0.95 -  $0.98

Holstein steers: $0.85 - $0.90

Crossbreds: $0.88 - $0.92

Beef Cows: $0.60 - $0.75

Dairy Cows:  $0.53 - $0.62

Bulls:  $0.85 - $0.92

Next SHEEP AND GOAT SALE  8/3/2020
We would like to draw attention to the prices we have been receiving, with a new buyer participating.  Our prices are now going to be comparable to the big Southern markets.  Please click on the HOME tab at the top of the page and select Sheep & Goat Sale for the market reports.
Next FEEDER SALE 7/8/20
10 holstein steers , 400-500lb, 2 x shots
15 black and red steers and heifers, 500-600lb, shots
3 holstein heifers, 500-600lb, shots
2 holstein steers, 550-660lb, shots
3 holstein steers, 500-600lb shots
1 swiss steer, 550-600lb, shots
10 holstein heifers, mixed sizes and shots
4 black pairs, cows and calves
12 red, mixed, 500-600lb, shots
12 holsteins mixed, 300-600lb, shots


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