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There are overnight pens available for cattle that are brought in early.

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Ron's comments on this week's market:


We had another whopper today, market was steady to weak on all classes of cattle.  Beef cattle were $2 lower on the top end, holsteins were $2 lower, cows were higher on fat beef cows, higher on fat dairy cows, the thin beef cows are being propped up by the boys putting them back on feed, and the poor thin dairy cows are getting clobbered - and if they're under 800lb, they basically don't want them.


Something that might make interesting reading to learn about an investigation into the dairy check-off - the CEO of the Check-Off MADE A $1 MILLION SALARY LAST YEAR.  10 OTHER DMI EXECUTIVES WERE PAID AN AVERAGE OF MORE THAN $800,000 EACH.  A PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM WAS PAID $55 MILLION BETWEEN 2013 AND 2017 AND I HAVE TO SIT AND WATCH A LOT OF GOOD PEOPLE, HARD-WORKERS, GO OUT OF BUSINESS. 

Today's market.....

Beef cattle: $1.08 - $1.10

2-way cattle 1000lb - 1200lb  - $1.08 - $1.10

Holstein steers: $0.90 - $0.93

Crossbreds: $0.92 - $0.97

Beef Cows: $.055 - $0.75

Dairy Cows:  $0.38 - $0.64

Bulls:  $0.73 - $0.75

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Next Feeder Calf/Bred Cow Sale, November 20th, 2019
26 blacks, mixed, 500lb, shots
30 black and red mixed, 500lb, no shots
10 black and red mixed, 550-650lb, shots
7 reds mixed, 700-900lb, shots
19 reds mixed, 500-600lb, shots
4 bred cows
4 black calves, 300-400lb
1 cow calf pair
10 holstein calves, started to weaned - 3 to 6 wks old
16 holstein steers, 700lb, shots
15-20 holstein heifers, 400-900lb, shots
15 black Xbreds, 400-450lb, shots
14 blacks, reds mixed, 500-600lb, no shots
8 mixed black calves, 500-600lb, shots
40 mostly black mixed calves, 500-800lb, no grain, natural
6 bred heifers, mixed color 



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