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The Benson livestock auction barn business was originally started in 1952.  It changed hands and had updates and improvements over the following years, including the office addition.


We took over the business and barn operations in June 2013.  Our goal is to improve the service offered by the barn and we are committed to giving the cattle raiser and feeder realistic market prices.  We have been in the cattle industry for many years and are willing discuss and evaluate your herds marketability.  Your livestock is treated with respect here and they're not handled any harder than necessary to keep the operation running.

There have been several improvements including a recently added drive-through addition on the barn, making loading and unloading simpler and quicker... This has been a big hit with our customers !  We also added waterers to 11 pens and feed to 5 of them, so that you can drop your cattle off early if you need to.

On April 29th, 2019 we went live online!  Go to to register and view and bid on the Monday auction sale live.


....let us know what you would like to see !


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